Standard Suites

Waterside Macau Standard Classic Dining Room
Waterside Macau Standard Classic Bedroom
Waterside Macau Standard Contemporary Studio
Waterside Macau Standard Contemporary Kitchen
Waterside Macau Standard Contemporary Dining Table

Immerse in a coveted lifestyle in a well-designed abode, our standard suites offer desirable living space between 2,200 and 2,350 square feet. Lovingly honed by renowned designer, Yasumichi Morita, two distinctive art deco style suites are available for rent. Each suite type has its unique character, creating an effortless blend of modern living in a charming city steeped in history.

Contemporary Suites

Specially designed for tenants seeking for timeless, sleek and neat homes, our fully-furnished suites feature modern and stylish fittings. Each suite offers an unparalleled view over Macau’s famous Nam Van Lake, an integral part of a perfect home environment.

Classic Suites

Our classic suites are ideal for individuals and/or families who love art and appreciate craftsmanship. Exuding elegance and sophistication, each piece of furniture is hand-picked by our appointed interior designer, dedicated to maximise the sense of space with no compromise on quality.

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